I love the endless days of summer! Longer daylight means more time to have fun. And if you are the adventurous type floating in the natural state of Arkansas is like heaven-sent.

With so many of us ready to venture outdoors after being quarantined, a float trip might be just what the doctor ordered for some fun and relaxation. Nothing clears the mind more than floating one of Arkansas' pristine rivers, lakes, or canyons in a canoe, kayak, or innertube. Sure you could go to Colorado but you can find everything you need right here in Arkansas and you won't break the bank to get there. From hiking trails, river canyons, bluffs, numerous lakes, and mountains, why go anywhere else. Oh, and don't be surprised if you see some wildlife along the way like an occasional deer, coyote, bear, hawk, or eagle.

Let me share some great places in Arkansas to take a float trip.

Arkansas Dept. of Parks & Tourism

This river is located near the small town of Wickes but if you want to have a white water experience canoeing or kayaking this is the place to visit. With spectacular scenery at every turn, this is a float trip you'll cherish forever.

Arkansas Dept. of Parks & Tourism

Located near the town of Glenwood views from this float trip are serene and beautiful as you float between the backdrop of the Ouachita mountains. This is also a medium to easy trip depending on how much rain has fallen. This is a popular destination for Texarkana folks. The best time to float this river is right now.

Arkansas Dept. of Parks & Tourism

Believe it or not, Big Piney is not a river but one of the best kept secrets in Arkansas. Floating here ranges from easy to difficult depending on where you are. As a matter of fact, there is one section of rapids that are nicknamed "Cascades of Extinction," "Roller Coaster" and "Surfing Hole."  The best time to float here is in the fall and summer.

Arkansas Dept. of Parks & Tourism

A favorite place that Texarkana folks have been going for years, because of its swimming holes, camping, or floating adventures. Most know the best time to float Little Missouri is after a heavy rainfall period. The trip can be easy to extremely difficult depending on what section of the river you are on. With the recent rainfall, we've had now is probably the best time to float the Little Missouri located in nearby Murfreesboro.

So, grab a paddle, or an innertube and let's go floating! Always wear a life vest too.

Do you have a favorite place you like to float?

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