Continuing the Hot Springs adventure from a couple of weeks ago;  Last week I told you about the wonderful Garvin Gardens, well on Sunday, things got a little wilder.

After starting the day with a good breakfast at our hotel we set off for the Alligator Farm & Petting Zoo. My wife went there many times when she was growing up, and we have been there together at least once before, but it has been a while.  Imagine what it's like standing right next to about 100 critters that would just love to eat you? They are right there! I could have reached down and touched some of them. Thank goodness I'm not that stupid, although my wife might argue that point.

It was a fairly cool day and the guy feeding the gators was telling us they won't be very active during feeding until the weather heats up a bit more. If you want to see a real show during the noon feeding hour to come back mid-July through August.

You know what, we just might do that. Check out the other animals they have to pet and feed and hold as in the video as well; goats, emus, jackasses, turtles, and small alligators you can hold while their mouths are taped shut.

Great time, highly recommended.


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