I can see it now, "Mom, look at the pretty blue button, it's kinda fuzzy!" Suddenly your child, your precious baby, is screaming from the pain, and a fun day at the beach just became an Emergency Room nightmare. Don't touch the blue button and don't let your kids touch it either. 

Blue Button - Porpita Porpita - Canva
Blue Button - Porpita Porpita - Canva

These Blue Buttons are washing up all over Texas beaches right now and are similar to a Portuguese Man-o-war stinging jellyfish, the scientific name for them is Porpita Porpita. The name so nice they used it twice.

Blue Button on Texas beaches - Canva

These Blue Buttons are actually not just one critter but a colony of stinging jellyfish-like critters. According to Texas A&M University in Galveston, they float on the surface and can grow up to 2 inches in diameter. They have a texture similar to styrofoam with blue or green edges and blue or green stinging tentacles.

Below are a few more pictures from the Galveston Island State Park Officials:

Most adults know better than to touch something pretty on the beach like jellyfish and Man-o-wars, however, this warning is for moms and dads to watch out for the kiddos. You know how they are, if it's pretty or shiny, it's going into their mouth. Depending on their age, of course.

Wan-o-war and Jellyfish - Canva
Wan-o-war and Jellyfish - Canva

Scan the areas where your kids are going to be playing, including the water. We're always looking for the big things like sharks and barracuda, but remember to look for the little things that can leave a "lasting impression," shale we say.

Stay safe and have a great summer.

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