If you've watched the news lately it seems there have been a few stories about someone finding an old item at a garage sale that turns out to be worth a lot of money. 

We found some items that you should check for in your attic and closets because they too could be worth some money. If you've ever been to an antique shop or a garage sale it doesn't take very long before you spy something you remember from your childhood.

'Oh Wow, We Had One of Those'

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Most of the time your first reaction is 'Oh, Wow. We had one of these.' or 'Gee I wonder what happened to ours that we had when I was a kid.'

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Most sightings of things we see at thrift stores from our past will bring a smile to our faces. We will pick it up talk about a memory and then we put it back down.

Then a few months later we heard someone had that item and sold it for boo-koos of money. Then we think to ourselves 'If only I had kept that thing, why did I throw it away?'

Check Your Closets, Garages and Attics


It happens. But the good news is, you might still have some hidden treasures in your garage, closet, or in a box tucked away safely at your parent's house that you haven't seen in years or you totally forgot about.

Check out this list below, whether you live in Arkansas or Texas, see if you have any of these items tucked away somewhere. They could be worth a small fortune!

Items from Your Childhood Now Worth Lots of Money

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