UA Hope-Texarkana Community College has partnered up with the City of Lewisville, Arkansas for a Community Engagement and Investment Meeting on Lithium Jobs and Infrastructure.

The meeting will be at the Lewisville Fire Station located at 100 W 1st Street in Lewisville, Arkansas on Thursday, March 28 at 6 PM. The purpose of the meeting is to develop a vision for revitalizing the town economically. Topics of discussion will be housing, job training, neighborhood revitalization and business opportunities, plus more.

Francesco Scatena
Francesco Scatena

The city is looking to the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana to find and develop job training opportunities for the numerous jobs needed to construct, operate, and maintain the lithium plant.

Dr. Christine Holt, UAHT Chancellor, said in a press release,

We are excited for the opportunity to partner with Lewisville and Lafayette County to plan for this new enterprise that has the potential to change lives, uplift the community, and enhance the economic vibrancy of Southwest Arkansas.

The Southwest Arkansas Planning and Development District is also taking part in providing insight into these opportunities.

Hanif Zahari
Hanif Zahari

With the lithium production in Lafayette and Columbia Counties, there is a big opportunity for economic development and growth.

Ethan Dunbar, Mayor of Lewisville said,

We need to prepare for the economic and community development opportunities this effort will bring.


The City of Lewisville is located at the intersection of Highway 82 and Arkansas State Highway 29 in southwest Arkansas. There is a large amount of vehicles that pass through daily the Arkansas Department of Transportation estimates that the number is around 8,500 vehicles a day.

Blur background of town street, city traffic on road


Dunbar said,

A retail business in Lewisville could potentially exceed the average expected ROI of 8.5% by more than 25% over the first full year of operation.


Dunbar also said that there are already food services, oil and gas, maintenance and repair, and tourist opportunities available in Lewisville.

The public is invited to come to this meeting to help develop a comprehensive plan and strategic vision for the City of Lewisville.  The Lewisville Fire Department is at 100 W 1st St., Lewisville, Arkansas.

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