Get ready because October is almost here, can you believe that? With the month of October comes National Night Out in Texarkana.     

This year's National Night Out in Texarkana will take place on Tuesday, October 3. Have you registered your neighborhood party yet?

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This event is a great time and is all about getting to know your neighbors, city officials and police officers that patrol our neighborhoods and keep us safe. Some neighborhood parties are big and everyone pitches in with food. Other neighborhoods have a more quiet laid-back feel as they set up their lawn chairs in their front yards and visit with each other.

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If you are interested in getting a block party together be sure and let your neighbors know and don't forget to register your party this way city officials and police can stop by and visit everyone.

You can register your party in the Texarkana, Texas area at

For Texarkana Arkansas block parties you can send an email to Sgt. Rick Cockrell at

A Hispanic female police officer smiles while standing next to her patrol car.

National Night Out is a great event held all across the nation for most of the country it's held in August but around here our police departments are smart and know that it's too hot in August so in Texarkana they made the wise decision to have this great event in October! This event gets neighbors to meet each other plus a chance to meet and visit with local police officers and city officials. It is a fact that the better neighbors know each other the more they are watch out for each other. Crime rates have been known to drop in communities that watch out for each other.

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