So many folks are seriously concerned about climate change these days that it's enough to make you sweat bullets before the real heat even gets here. Maybe you didn't notice how hot it was yesterday? Did you know we broke a record for the heat on Tuesday, May 7? We did. 

Checking the National Weather Service Almanac for May 7, yesterday was the hottest day in the history of keeping those kinds of records for Texarkana, which goes back to 1892'ish. Tuesday, May 7, 2024, Texarkana hit a record of 94 according to this chart from the NWS at

Weather Almanac for Texarkana on May 7 - NWS
Weather Almanac for Texarkana on May 7 - NWS

The coldest it has ever been on that day in Texarkana was recorded in 1931 when the temperature plummeted to 31 degrees.

The normal average high in Texarkana is 79, the average normal low is 59.

What's Coming for the Summer of 2024?

According to the Farmer's Almanac, the summer solstice will happen early this year, at 3:51 PM Central Time on June 20, the earliest in 128 years. They also say our part of the country, the Ark-La-Tex, should have a wetter and hotter summer season for 2024. Panic! Did we cause that because we all drive SUVs? No, stay calm. Weather is cyclical, it has been much hotter, just not since we have been keeping records, it's also been much colder, and it all will probably happen again.

Disaster Helping - Canva
Disaster Helping - Canva

Nice thing about humans is we're adaptable, if it gets too hot we find ways to cool off, too cold, get warm, too windy, find shelter, too sunny, find shade, etc. When our neighbors need help, we help them.

Can we make the planet better, sure, and we should. Can we control what other countries are doing, no, we can't.

helping hands - canva
helping hands - canva

If you want to feel better about climate change and why your instincts of, it not being near as bad as most would have you believe, are probably correct? I dare you to run down this rabbit hole with John Stossel.

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2024 update: Several producers and at least two stars are teaming up for a new NBC sitcom called Happy's Place in 2024. McEntire is the star of the show.

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Among the celebrities in attendance were Keith Urban and Kelsea Ballerini. Each were accompanied by their significant others - Nicole Kidman and Chase Stokes, respectively.

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