My wife started off the texting conversation with "Let's go play in Hot Springs this weekend, that's better than any old stoopy tool, socks or underwear." She was referring to the rotary tool I had on my Father's Day wish list. "Stoopy" means stupid by the way.

So that's where we headed Saturday, to have a little fun in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We have been there several times over the almost 17 years we've been married and we always have a great time when we do. This time was no different but we did do something new there that I didn't know existed before. Did you know there's a place called Garvin Woodland Gardens? Well, there is, and it's beautiful.

Located just south of Hot Springs on a peninsula overlooking the Ouachita River/ Lake Hamilton, Garvin Gardens offers beautiful gardens, waterfalls, peaceful hiking trails, huge koi fish to feed, a beautiful wedding chapel, in fact it has more trails than we were willing to tackle in one day.

We did not see it all but instead called it quits after about two and half hours of walking, climbing and exploring, after all, daddy needed a nap before dinner. I can only imagine how amazing this place is when everything is blooming.

We will be back to explore the rest of Garvin Gardens another time. Oh and honey, I know the "stoopy tool" is out, but I still need socks and underwear... just saying.


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