June is in full swing check out these new movies this weekend.

If you enjoyed watching the first Secret Life of Pets movie, you're going to love this new sequel. One change though, Louis C.K. voiced the Jack Russell Terrier Max, in this one Patton Oswalt takes over that role. Harrison Ford is the voice of a farm dog that helps Max get over his fears.

 Dark Phoenix  (PG-13)

Game of Thrones Sophie Turner returns as Jean Grey, a powerful mutant with telekinetic powers. After being hit by a solar flare she unleashes her Phoenix alter-ego on the X-Men while on a rescue mission to save some astronauts. Jessica Chastain plays the other villain, a somewhat mysterious woman  who manipulates Grey into not trusting any of the X-Men.

Emma Thompson plays a late-night talk show host who's career is threatened by the network who wants to replace her with a younger host for ratings. So, she hires MIndy Kaling in hopes of helping her revitalize her career.

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My pick this weekend is, The Secret Life of Pets 2. Grab the popcorn and I'll see you at the movies.