Only one new movie in theaters this weekend but it's the much anticipated release of another superhero movie Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel (PG-13)

The Marvel Cinematic universe has (Brie Larson) playing Carol Danvers, a human test pilot who has no recollection of her past life, trained by a race of blue aliens to help fight off the Skrull, shape-shifting green aliens. The movie takes place in the 90s when she returns to earth and meets a younger Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson. Clark Gregg plays Agent Coulson and serves as Fury's adversary.  Meanwhile, Jude Law is a warrior who mentors Captain Marvel in space. And Annette Bening plays a major role in telling the story on how Danvers gets her powers. There are a ton of Easter Eggs throughout this movie and movie-watchers can expect a special tribute to the late MCU's Stan Lee.

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