Ok, here's the scene:

  1. Free Popsicles
  2. Texarkana Texas Fire Department
  3. Rotary Splash Pad
  4. First Day of Summer

Who's with me? 

If you're anything like me you just need to know the date and a time to show up, because that sounds like some fun right there.

That's exactly what's happening this coming Thursday afternoon, actually, there are two dates to tell you about, the other I'll give you in a moment. Thanks to the Texarkana Texas Fire Department for volunteering their time to stop by the Splash Pad and bring treats for all the kids in the form of popsicles. Can you think of a better place to eat cold drippy and delicious popsicles than the Rotary Splash Pad? It's perfect!

This Thursday, June 20th, and next Thursday, June 27th, are the dates for a cool treat and meet with our Texarkana Texas Fire Department They will be handing out popsicles at the Rotary Splash Pad along with the crew from the Texarkana Parks and Recreations Department at the Splash Pad in Spring Lake Park from 12:00 - 2:00 pm on both days. Meet our firefighters, check out their Fire Engine and enjoy a cool and delicious day at the park.

Popcicles with TFD - Parks and Recreation Dept
Popcicles with TFD - Parks and Recreation Dept

For more information, see Texarkana Parks Facebook Page.

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