The kids are going back to school, which means we will start seeing school buses around town picking kids up in the morning and dropping them off in the afternoon. With that in mind, it's time to refresh ourselves on when to stop for school buses. 

Look for the school buses around town. For the safety of the kids, we need to stop when a bus is loading or unloading kids. They have now made it even easier to spot if the buses is stopped for kids to get on or off, by giving most buses a stop sign that swings out and flashing lights.

When Do I Stop For a School Bus?

Students getting on school bus

We know to stop if we are behind a bus when it's loading and unloading kids but what about the other side of the road? You still stop even if it's a wide road with multiple lanes.

Do I Stop For a School Bus if There is a Median?


The Texarkana Texas Police posted on their Facebook page,

Basically, you're supposed to stop each and every time unless you are on a road divided by an unpaved median or barrier AND the bus is stopping on the other side of the median. You have to stop any other time you come upon a bus with their red flashing lights on.

Here is a great diagram to visually see what you can and can't do when it comes to traffic and school buses.


Remember the rules and look out for the school buses so we can all have a safe and great school year!

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