Is your name Joy or do you know someone named Joy, who lives in Arkansas or Texas they could be eligible to receive some special treats from Hostess.

Spread the Joy

Hostess makers of snack cakes want to spread the joy of their lasting memories of everyday life to Arkansans and Texans with the name Joy. The snackmaker has been spreading joy and happiness for years all across America with its delightful snacks and cakes.


How to Nominate

From now until July 2, 2024, you're encouraged to nominate someone with the name Joy, it can be part of their first, middle, or last name such as Joy, Joyce, Joyella, and so forth, I think you get the picture. Each nominated person might win a summer fun package of joyful goodies from Hostess. And yes, you can nominate yourself if your name is Joy.

NOTE: If your “Joy” lives in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Utah or Virginia,

Approximately 100 winners will be selected to receive a Hostess Joy Drops package, if the person lives in Arkansas or Texas their special package could be delivered by a drone. Can you imagine that? Just don't tell the neighbors until you get your Hostess treats and then you can share the joy with them.

For complete rules Go Here and for details on nominating someone go to the Hostess website

Hostess snack cakes have been a part of our summer for decades why not celebrate the joy it has given so many Americans for years?

Canva, YouTube
Canva, YouTube

So, what are you waiting on in Arkansas and Texas? Nominate someone named Joy today!

One of the most iconic Hostess snack cakes is the original cupcake started in 1919 as noted in the video below.

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Gallery Credit: Jim Weaver

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