The announcement from Hobby Lobby made a lot of people's ears perk up the other day as they set their new minimum wage at $18.50 per hour. Apparently, T-Mobile said, oh yeah? Well, how about a $20 per hour minimum for all employees? Are we seeing a bidding war for the best employees now?

In a statement released last week, T-Mobile CEO Mike Seivert stated;

Every single employee at T-Mobile, even our newest team members just starting to build their skill base, should have a competitive wage. So, we have decided to implement a nationwide minimum pay at T-Mobile of at least $20 per hour. This will now apply to every single employee regardless of role, or full-time or part-time status. The truth is, the vast majority of our employees already earn well above this level, especially when including incentive pay. But this move is about inclusion, and we wanted to draw a line that ensures no employee is left behind.

It's also been reported that since T-Mobile made this announcement that the number of job applications has gone through the roof. Before they averaged about 300 per week, now it's over 4000.

Editorial Opinion: I know being on the retail side of cell phone sales can be challenging to say the least. Imagine having to explain how the remote works to your grandma over and over again, day after day. It takes a special person, but the pay to do it is getting pretty good... at least at T-Mobile.

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