Leadership Texarkana
Leadership Texarkana

Leadership Texarkana is requesting nominations from the community for the organization’s Wilbur Awards for exemplary community leadership.

The Wilbur Awards are presented annually to individuals, organizations, and student leaders who epitomize the power of one entity or individual to positively impact our community or region as models of effective leadership by leading the way in working together for excellence, pride and progress for our community.

Named in memory of Wilbur Smith, anyone in our area is eligible to nominate - or to be awarded a Wilbur Award. Strong nominees will have a history of leading the way on matters that matter in our community, collaborating with natural partners to build strong partnerships. Leadership Texarkana Executive Director Ruth Ellen Whitt says;

“In particular, we are interested in lifting up individuals and organizations who are working toward the community excellence which citizens have long valued, including work that enhances or safeguards our educational excellence, cultural riches, our community’s beauty, our citizens’ personal well-being, as well as efforts that reflect our community’s commitment to economic prosperity through working smart to achieve the best future for all residents.”

Nominations may be made electronically or on paper forms; online nomination forms are available at the Leadership Texarkana website at www.leadershiptexarkana.com, or by emailing info@leadershiptexarkana.com; paper forms will be made available by calling 903.792.0011. Completed nomination forms and supporting materials must be received at the Leadership Texarkana office by March 17, 2021. Winners will be announced and honored at Leadership Texarkana’s Annual Lunch with Leaders on Tuesday, April 20th, according to the Release.

Leadership Texarkana has been lifting up exemplary leaders through the presentation of the annual Wilbur Awards for Community Leadership since 1992.

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