So you're out driving late a night and you see something moving through the sky that you haven't seen before. It might be an airplane. Nope, they don't move like that. Maybe it's a helicopter? No wait, helicopters don't change direction that fast. The lights are all wrong, too. This is like nothing you've ever seen before.

Congratulations, you've just seen a UFO, an "unidentified flying object." That doesn't mean you've seen a spaceship, it simply means you have just seen something in the sky that you can't identify. That doesn't mean it's not identifiable.

I keep hoping that one day I'll see that very thing, that thing that I can't identify. Being an aviation buff, there's very little that flies that I haven't seen in one form or another so I feel fairly certain that if it's a plane or rotorcraft of any kind I'll know it. If it's not, I'll know it, too.

Every year, the Mutual UFO Network, MUFON, gets thousands of reports of strange things in the skies from all over the planet.

The last report in Miller County, Ark., was a Garland City report in February of 2014. Here's the description from the MUFON database:

Lights would chase each other & change colors & sizes. Some would blink out & some would blink on. Brighter green light stayed low & stationary. Some of the red lights were very bright but would change to white or disappear. One small white light sped in from long distance to join with others. After about 10-15 minutes a jet came towards us from south & all lights immediately disappeared. Jet went through exactly where lights were & turned & went back the way it came. Lights did not reappear. My brother-in-law saw all this with me. There was never a sound from the lights & they were never more than 1/4 mile away. appears to use MUFON's database to map out sightings, locations, types of encounters, etc. I've got to tell you, that's some fascinating reading right there.

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Did you know that on September 15, 1965 a UFO was reported on the side of the road on Locust Street just north of East 23rd Street? The report is there, on the map. There should be a photo or two as well although I haven't figured out how to find those yet. I'm not trying to make fun of anyone who reports this stuff. If you've got the guts to report it then I'm ready to believe you at least saw something you couldn't identify.

Just 12 official UFO sightings have been reported in Texarkana proper, according to UFO Stalker.

There have been 17 reports just in Arkansas so far in 2016, 41 sightings in all of Arkansas last year, according to the National UFO Reporting Center. There's more than 30 in the State of Texas for the year 2016 so far.

So the big question. Have you ever seen anything out there that you just knew wasn't from this planet?

Other than a few folks I've met over the years who give me hope that aliens from another planet do exist, I have to say no. I have never seen a flying saucer.


To answer the question posed in the headline, there is no specific place in Texarkana to see a UFO. We'll just have to keep looking up and hope for a little luck.

Want to see some amazing UFOs captured on video? So do I. There are tons of them on YouTube, but there are so many film special effects people out there these days, we can't trust anything anymore. But here's a good one. Is it real or fake? You decide.