There's a new report out showing which states have the most and least supernatural encounters on record and therefore what your odds would be to have one in those states according to the stats. They have taken databases of ghostly encounters and UFO sightings and combined them to create this report. I'm not sure if ghosts and UFOs actually go in the same category but it makes for some interesting reading for sure.

UFO Raw Footage - The Telegraph
UFO Raw Footage - The Telegraph

For Example

If you lived in the state of Maine, they have 1107 UFO sightings and 784 ghost sightings reported. Add those numbers together and then divide by population and you get your odds of seeing a ghost or UFO in Maine at 1 in 71,900. Seem a bit high? I thought so too, but those are actually the best odds in the United States.


Top 5

  1. Maine: 1 in 71,900.
  2. Vermont: 1 in 78,600.
  3. Montana: 1 in 82,300.
  4. Alaska: 1 in 86,800.
  5. Wyoming: 1 in 97,900

You think those are long odds, keep going.

flying saucer arrived

Closer to Home

#50. Louisiana

  • UFO Sightings = 1030.
  • Ghost Sightings = 716.
  • Odds of a paranormal experience = 1 in 264,400.

Dead last in the United States according to the data.

Ghost girl in white dress in ruined house
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#44. Texas 

While we have a ton of UFO sightings in Texas and the most ghost encounters out of all 50 states, we have a large population which puts us near the bottom overall.

  • UFO Sightings = 5631.
  • Ghost Sightings = 7382.
  • Odds of a paranormal experience = 1 in 231,300.

Not dead last, but close.

Man on rocking chair in a dirty old room

# 23. Arkansas 

  • UFO Sightings = 1161.
  • Ghost Sightings = 816.
  • Odds of a paranormal experience = 1 in 153,900.

Middle of the pack.

Kseniia LukianÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂhikova
Kseniia LukianÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂhikova

#14. Oklahoma

  • UFO Sightings = 1356.
  • Ghost Sightings = 1901.
  • Odds of a paranormal experience = 1 in 123,000.

The very best chance in the Ark-La-Tex region to see or experience a ghost or UFO sighting is in the Okie state.

ghosts hands

By the way, I was curious as to which state had the most UFO sightings, it's California by a lot, Cali has 15,072 reported cases. That's more than double the 2nd place state which is Florida at 7513. You can find out more about other states and other stats at FYI: That is an online betting site, some servers and firewalls may not let you go there.

These numbers are obviously heavily influenced by the population of each state. Just remember, if you put yourself in the right place at the right time... who knows what you may find, or what may find YOU.

If you want a better chance at finding a ghost or two just an hour's drive away is Jefferson, Texas, and the newly re-decorated Jefferson Hotel.

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