The Texarkana,  Arkansas Police and Texarkana District Court have come up with a terrific idea to help parents and families who can't afford a decent car seat to get a little help from some folks who have run afoul of the law and have existing Contempt of Court warrants. 

Public Information Officer Corporal Kristi Bennett brought in TAPD Dockets Coordinator Pe'Tree Banks. Banks became a new radio star Wednesday morning on the Jim & Lisa Wakeup Crew show by jumping on the air with us and news director John Williams and fully explained how the car seat exchange for warrant amnesty program works.

The car seat exchange warrant amnesty began Thursday, December 1, and will run through Friday, December 16.

For further information, you may contact Pe'Tree Banks at 903-798-3789 or Corporal Kristi Bennett 903-798-3187 Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department’s Warrant Officer at 903- 798-3131.