My friend Bill Harp along with his lovely wife Michelle invited me to join them for the Southern Sportsmen Foundation banquet in Foreman, Arkansas a couple of weeks ago and I'm so glad I finally got to be a part of it. I got some pictures!

First, an introduction to the Southern Sportsmen Foundation, the SSF is a group of outdoor enthusiasts who want to share their enthusiasm with people who have disabilities, including children and veterans. They do this banquet every year to raise funds to provide exceptional outdoor activities like hunting and fishing for people who have missed out on them from the start or miss them due to injury or illness. They also provide many local area scholarships for area high school students.

The Southern Sportsmen Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Foreman, Arkansas that formed in 1998 after realizing a need to provide hunting opportunities for the disabled. Since then SSF has sponsored over 200 men, women & kids with disabilities from all over the US. For complete information about the Southern Sportsmen Foundation or to make a donation, click on

Pics From the Banquet

That's Mike below in the green shirt, Mike Cranford is the guy behind the SSF that works tirelessly to put together this banquet every year, organize the hunts and much more I'm sure.

More volunteers working the raffle buckets...

She stopped for the pic so I took it!

More raffle guns...

... and more!

Other Raffle guns - Southern Sportsmen Banquet

All the stuff surrounding the main stage were the auction items, supper stuff and some great bidding.

Tons of auction items- Southern Sportsmen Banquet

All of the sponsor table sold out and from what I understand they have a waiting list for those tables.

SSF banquet fills up - Southern Sportsmen Banquet

That's Bill and Michelle and Tiffany behind me... thanks again for the invite. I was proud to be a small part of the SSF banquet this year.

Me with Bill and Michelle and more - Southern Sportsmen Banquet

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