Arkansas has an amazing history. We found one of the oldest schoolhouses in the entire state and yes it is still standing. It's like one of those old one-room schoolhouses we remember seeing on Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons.

This schoolhouse is called the Concord Schoolhouse outside of Eureka Springs and it was built in 1886. It was a school until 1946. But it wasn't just a school,  it was also used as a church and a community center where people could gather for celebrations.

Arkansas PBS, YouTube
Arkansas PBS, YouTube

According to the Arkansas PBS program Exploring Arkansas, this school came about when a traveling preacher named George Washington Masters settled in the area and raised funds for the school. George Washington Masters worked under a man named Milton Wright who was the father of the Wright Brothers.

This school taught kids from 1st to 8th grade and the school was only open three months out of the year, because the area was so poor. Can you imagine being in a classroom learning with kids of all ages and just one school teacher?

Arkansas PBS, Youtube
Arkansas PBS, Youtube

The stove for heat located in the middle of the room was refinished by the same man who engineered the Christ in the Ozark statue McKinley Weems.

This beautiful schoolhouse was put on the National Register of Historic Places back in 2009 and is located on County Road 309 outside of Eureka Springs. It can be rented for weddings now. Just imagine how beautiful that wedding would be and surrounded by all that history.

Let's take a look at the beautiful old schoolhouse that is one of the oldest schoolhouses in Arkansas that is still standing.

One of The Oldest Schoolhouses in Arkansas

Check out this beautiful 1886 schoolhouse still standing in Arkansas.

You can find out more about this old schoolhouse in the video below.

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