The first official weekend of October at the box office promises some pretty good movies. From a classic remake to an action Marvel movie with plenty of venom.

This is will mark the fourth time this movie has been remade. The first in 1937, the second in 1954, the third in 1976 with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. In this fourth installment Bradley Cooper is an aging rocker who mentors Lady Gaga an unknown songwriter who falls in love Bradley Cooper. After her music career flourishes and she becomes more successful he turns back to drinking and being angry, Cooper directs and does his own singing in this movie which I think sounds really good.  I saw the Streisand/Kristofferson version and I want to see if the chemistry between Cooper and Gaga burn through the screen as it did with them. So far the trailer looks like they will.

Are you ready for a different kind of Marvel character? Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock a reporter who investigates a billionaire whose company is killing homeless people by conducting illegal experiments on alien parasites named symbiotes. However, what he didn't count on is that when he bonds with one of them he becomes the venomous anti-hero Venom. The verdict is still out on this one on if it's going to be a hit or a miss.

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My personal pick for this weekend is A Star Is Born. Grab the popcorn and I'll see you at the movies.

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