Another great weekend is coming up at the movies with the release of two new flicks "Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes" and "The Change Up". The CHANGE UP (R) stars Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds as they play best friends, but over the years their relationship has drifted apart.  One is married the other is single and one night they get together for old times sake and get a little drunk. Through a drunken wish at a fountain, they wake up the next day in each other's bodies.

The other movie is "RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES" (PG-13) starring James Franco who plays Will Rodman a scientist who is trying to find a cure for Alzheimer's by performing tests on Apes. Rodman's "cure" genetically alters the thought process of his first test subject a chimpanzee name Caesar. The test of course is to make Caesar a new breed of ape with more human like abilities. The result, Caesar becomes smart enough to free himself from captivity and release the "cure" among millions of other apes.

Unlike the original Ape movies which used actors in costumes, this movie features Oscar winning visual effects from WETA Digital which produces groundbreaking technologies developed for "Avatar."

I've always been a fan of the Original Planet Of the Apes movies through the years and it will be interesting to see how this movie compares to those. I can already tell you the realistic human like features of these apes are a little eerie especially the facial expressions they make. It's hard to knock off a classic series, but we'll see.

So my selection for this weekend is "Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes"!

Check out this Youtube video trailer from ClevverMovies:

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