It was a fun show last night at the Four States Fairgrounds, I'm talking about the Stars Youth Talent Show. We started with about twenty-five but only thirteen remain for the Thursday night Finals. 

Congratulations to all who showed up to compete and entertain us all Monday night at the Fairgrounds but unfortunately, we all know not everyone can move ahead to the final round on Thursday.

Below is the list of people who showed up to compete, the photos show who will be performing not one but two songs back to back Thursday night starting at 7:30.

Ages 8 - 11:

  • Arbeene Bethany
  • Gracie Cantu
  • Marleigh Martin
  • Allie Edwards
  • Cameron Gordon
  • Madison Northcutt
  • Maddie Underwood

Ages 12 - 14:

  • Dru Wilson
  • Jordan Barkley
  • Rhett Gatlin
  • Hannah Spencer
  • Miki Bragg
  • Sha'Alice Tyson
  • Miracle Shephard
  • Daya Love
  • Hope People
  • Katie Freeman

Ages 15 - 17:

  • Kaylyn Hall
  • Kayla Cooks
  • Tegan Smith
  • Kymberly Stanek
  • Vincent People
  • Kat Lamon
  • Cherish Starks
  • Maddie McAllister
  • Elizabeth Robertson
  • Mollie White

Again, congratulations to all who participated and good luck to those in the finals Thursday night.


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