Did you know that the oldest public structure in the entire state of Arkansas was also a house?

The oldest public structure is located between Norfolk and Mountain Home, Arkansas and was built back in the early 1820s by Jacob Wolf. He came to the Arkansas Territory in 1820 after his first wife died and bought 76 acres of government land. Jacob then built a large log house for him his five kids and started a new life with a new wife. They even had furniture brought in from the East down the White River by canoe.

According to encylapediaofarkansas.net By 1825 the area started to develop close to his house and the county of Izard was established, Jacob Wolf while living in the house donated it as the county seat. So it was used as County Clerk’s office and the second floor was used as the courthouse. Other sources say the building was constructed in 1829.

When Arkansas became a state in 1830 the house and the land would revert back to Jacob's ownership. His wife, 16 kids, and 5 step-children counted to live in the house until his death in 1863. It was passed on to a son and then to different owners over the years. It was also used as a general store and a duplex when the railroads came.

Then in 1973, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places and its restoration was completed in 2002 by the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program.

It was returned to its courthouse appearance. Because the second story was used as a courtroom this makes it the oldest existing courthouse structure in the state of Arkansas.

The two-story building is built in a dog trot style with two separate buildings connected by a covered breezeway. You'll also see the roof with shingles coming up over the top of the roof. These "turkey feathers' were used to help wind, rain and snow blow off the roof keeping the building drier.

You can check the photos and video below.

The Oldest Public Structure & House in Arkansas

The Jacob Wolf House in Arkansas was used as a home and a courthouse.

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