How many people can say they have been through the worlds longest car wash? I can, you can too if you go to Buc-ee's in Katy, Texas.

Just a hop-skip-and-30-minute-ride west of Houston (depending on traffic) is the booming town of Katy, Texas, if you're looking for good gas prices, a car wash, food, drinks, gift store, confectionary and really clean bathrooms, pretty hard to beat Buc-ee's.

One of the newest Bucee's locations is right off I-10 near Katy High School, you can't really miss it, after all, it does have it's own exit. I'm not sure if the pictures will do it justice below or not, but try to imagine 100 gas pumps and that's just the start. The Katy location also boasts the worlds longest car wash, yes, that is an official record. It's 85 yards long, has 32 vacuum stations, and quite a few de-bug-juicing stations. True!




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