Time for your Weekend Movie Roundup, kind of a dud weekend when it comes to new movie releases this weekend.

This movie is about a top secret robot bionic dog that was created by the government and has advanced artificial intelligence. The dog was to be used for military purposes but after a failed experiment goes wrong, A.X.L. (Axel) is discovered in the desert by a dirt biker named Alex. The two find a way to connect as they develop a special bond and friendship based on trust. Eventually, they both face off against the scientists who want A.X.L. back with them.  I guess you could say, this pooch is not your average dog.

Let me say first of all this movie is NOT for kids.  This is the movie that sparked a controversy over the characters who are much like the Sesame Street characters but are NOT. This movie is filled with filthy language, raunchy scenes, sexual innuendos, basically it is stricttly ADULT Humor.  It stars Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolph in some very awkward but funny scenes that we have become accustomed to with those two. If you are easily offended, I recommend you stay away from this movie but if this is your sense of humor, you will probably laugh your butt off. It's your choice on this one.

My pick for this weekend is A.X.L., so grab the popcorn and I'll see you at the movies. For tickets and showtimes click here.



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