Going to the movies this weekend you'll find three new movies to choose from. No big blockbusters in this batch but some very interesting choices.

Keanu Reeves plays a scientist obsessed on bringing his family back from the dead who were killed in a traffic accident. His scientific research has brought him to the brink of being able to transfer human consciousness but in order to do that he must steal government resources to clone bodies in order to bring them back.

A comedy drama that looks at the relationship  between a paralyzed billionaire played by Bryan Cranston and an ex-con Kevin Hart who's hired to help him what starts out as an unlikely friendship between the two, winds up being a great friendship.

Another dog story and this one stars Bryce Dallas Howard as the voice of Bella, a dog who gets separated from its owner and travels 400 miles to find him. Ashley Judd plays the mom of the owner a little known British actor, Jonah Hauer-King.

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