Going to be very cold weather weekend good for going to a movie. This weekend only one new movie release and it's a little bizarre. Anytime M. Night Shyanalan releases a movie you can bet to expect the unexpected cause his movies will either leave you frustrated or hanging. "Glass" his newest movie is a sequel to two of his previous movies.

This sequel relates back to "Unbreakable" the 2000 superhero movie and the 2016 thriller "Split." Bruce Willis' character is back and he's hunting James McAvoy's from "Split" who has multiple personalities. A fight ensues between David Dunn and the Beast which draws too much attention for the both of them and they wind up in a mental institution. Inside they meet up with another mental patient played by Samuel L. Jackson and this turns quickly into a psychological thriller.  Will the beast be released? Sarah Paulson is also in this movie

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