March is winding down but not without a Disney classic brought to life to the big screen this weekend.

Dumbo hits theaters this weekend and is one of the first live action Disney reboots coming out this year. Tim Burton directs this 1941 animated classic that also teams Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito together for the third time in their career. Devito is pretty much in charge of the circus where Dumbo was born. Keaton plays a sheisty, untrustworthy, undermining, character who wants to buy the circus out when he learns that Dumbo can fly. Collin Ferrel plays a one-armed World War veteran who is assigned to be the caretaker of the elephants. He falls for a trapeze artist played by Eva Green who flies with Dumbo.

If you enjoyed the original animated movie you should love the live action version of Dumbo. Look for live versions of "Aladdin" coming May 24, and "The Lion King" on July 19.

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