Get ready The Predator movie will be invading theaters nationwide for the newest reboot of the original Predator.

In this movie, a sniper played by Boyd Holbrook finds a predator's helmet at a crash site and decides to mail it back to his autistic son. Sterling K. Bown (This is Us) works for the goverment who is trying to cover up the aliens existence. Olivia Nunn plays a biologist recruited to study the predators. Lots of graphic gore and violence in this action sci-fi thriller directed by Shane Black who directed "Iron Man 3."

This drama suspense stars Anna Kendrick playing a woman trying to figure out what happened to her best friend played by Blake Lively, after she unexpectedly disappears and is presumed dead.

Based on a true story about Richie Merritt an FBI informant who is only 14-years-old and decides to work undercover as a Fed to help keep his father from going to jail. But when the kid turns 17 the FBI bust him and he's sentenced to life in prison while the Feds turn their back on him pretending they never knew him.

Remember the World War II saga "Unbroken," well, this one sort of takes off where that one left off. This one has Olympic runner Louis Zamperini coping with PTSD by turning to religion as a way to redeem himself from the torture he experienced in the Japanese POW camp. This movie is also based on a true story.

I love the Predator series, so I'm going with The Predator this weekend. Grab the popcorn and I'll see you at the movies. Get your tickets HERE.

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