It was 41 years ago today that we lost the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Pressley died at the age of 42 at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. Same day 41 years later, and the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin passes away at the age of 76. What kind of cosmic shenanigans is at work here?  

When you get dubbed the "King of Rock & Roll," or, in this case, the "Queen of Soul," that would indicate some major accomplishment in your lifetime. When you think back over the career of Aretha Franklin, one thing stands out for sure, nearly anyone you ask will be able to name off at least one song from her if not several.

That list for Aretha is as long as my arm:

  • "R-E-S-P-E-C-T"
  • "Chain of Fools"
  • "Natural Woman"
  • "Think"
  • "Freeway of Love"

I could go on...

One of my favorites though is from the Blues Brothers movie soundtrack, love that scene and that song and I've posted it below.

As "Joliet" Jake Blues once stated; "We're getting the band back together." Yes you are Jake, sad for us now, but that band in Heaven is going to be amazing.

Rest In Piece Aretha, and thank you for a lifetime of great music.


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