You know me and UFO's, I'm a believer, however, I have never seen one myself. I sure wish I would though. Well, DID YOU KNOW... there have been at least three sightings in and around Texarkana? We have the reports for you here.

June 27, 1950

Flying object observed near the Lone Star Area, Red River Arsenal. The observation was made by a truck driver and his passenger. The direction of travel was approximately North to South. The observation lasted only 4 to 5 seconds, speed was unknown but the eye-witnesses said it was"pretty fast". The observers also stated it had no sound or odor and left no trail. Read the whole description of the event here 1950-06-9615111-Texarkana-Texas.

 July 23, 1964

A civilian female living in Texarkana, Texas reported 4 unidentified objects in the Lakeshore Drive area of Texarkana. A woman relaxing in her yard noticed the objects moving across the sky and described approximately the size of an orange and three ping pong balls, all white streaking across the sky. Read the full description here 1964-07-8725887-Texarkana-Texas.

June 5, 1964

The wife of an Air Force Officer and three Cadets were traveling across the Texarkana area and observed a shimmering sphere hovering about five miles away at an altitude of 5000 feet. After stopping to watch it for a time they decided to drive toward it at great speed, the object sped away. read the entire report here 1964-06-8724703-Texarkana-Texas.

Have you ever seen a UFO or something you believe may be from another world or alternate universe?

The truth is out there.

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