Our friends at TXKToday are reporting that Buc-ee's has their sights set on a Texarkana location and have an option to purchase land just off Stateline. In my humble opinion, that would be awesome for Texarkana. Here's why... 

I don't how many of you have had the Buc-ee's experience, I've written about it before which I have posted below this article, but if you have ever done any traveling through central and southern Texas you've probably at least seen them. They are huge!

1. They cater to the traveling public. Buc-ee's is not a truck stop, the only 18-wheelers allowed on the property are the ones delivering the goods they sell at Buc-ee's.

2. They seem to have decent gas prices. Each one I have been to is always very competitive with the lowest prices in the area.

3. Employment. I'm just guessing here, but in my estimation, each Buccee's location has got to employ around 300 people to run one. Remember, they are huge.

4. They're just kinda fun! Buc-ee's is a huge draw for tourists and should produce a lot of tax revenue for the area.

The only downside I can think of is they are so busy that traffic in the imediate area of a Buc-ee's can get a little crazy.

Wanna see what they do at Bec-ee's, read on.


The following is my article from January of this year after finding a shiny new Buc-ee's in Katy, Texas.


How many people can say they have been through the worlds longest car wash? I can, you can too if you go to Buc-ee's in Katy, Texas.

Just a hop-skip-and-30-minute-ride west of Houston (depending on traffic) is the booming town of Katy, Texas, if you're looking for good gas prices, a car wash, food, drinks, gift store, confectionary and really clean bathrooms, pretty hard to beat Buc-ee's.

One of the newest Bucee's locations is right off I-10 near Katy High School, you can't really miss it, after all, it does have it's own exit. I'm not sure if the pictures will do it justice below or not, but try to imagine 100 gas pumps and that's just the start. The Katy location also boasts the worlds longest car wash, yes, that is an official record. It's 85 yards long, has 32 vacuum stations, and quite a few de-bug-juicing stations. True!




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